Haptic experiences, glance into the soul

Robert Marcel Becker suggests new possibilities to visualise haptic plasticity in an expressive manner. Apart from his central theme, the “eye”, he has also found his own characteristic language of style.

It is said that ‘the face is the window of the soul’ (“The eyes are the window of the soul”). In the oeuvre of Robert Marcel Becker the eye becomes the window to the soul. He abstracts the body and in his mind there is only room for one dominating eye, which seems to follow us for a long time. Each of his works is an “Aventure” an expedition into a new world, into a new eye. This is similar to an inscription that has to be deciphered. His “eyes” have an appealing effect and attract the observer. They are omnipresent and hypnotising.

“My work” he says “should remain open enough to leave room for individual interpretations. The exhaustless diversity of human eyes attracts again and again and this combined with the power of attraction of iron, allows visual fascinations to emerge.”

The sculptures of Robert Marcel Becker are ageless They are classic and modern in one. The contrast between the simple appearance and the complex content is surprising.You feel that the progression/chronologie of each of the steps in the process of creation is not impulsive. You feel his full passion, his presence in almost all of his pieces. He has a huge capacity of ideas and he surprises again and again with something new.

The source of his inspiration seems inexhaustable. Robert Marcel Becker is an artist to watch.

Since the oeuvre of Robert Marcel Becker is extensive we have selected some representative pieces of all the various techniques, periods and themes to show the richness and diversity of his oeuvre.

If you wish to acquire one of his peaces please contact the artist.

Tracey Teague.